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About Me

My name is Sean, and I am passionate about the benefits hypnotherapy can bring.  To make sure you get the best treatment, I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist based in Southport, UK, and offer personal solution focused hypnotherapy sessions.

How I work with you…

We are all slightly different, so I work flexibly with you to meet your own personal needs.

I usually run an introduction session so that I can find out about you and explain how hypnotherapy can help overcome the challenges you face.  If you are happy with this and want to progress with treatment, we book a session and I give you a little homework!  Nothing difficult – just a CD to listen to each night before sleep.  Most people love this as it helps them rest and prepare for the hypnotherapy sessions.

Most sessions last about an hour (this does depend on the treatment you are seeking though), and are run in two parts – in the first part we look at how the brain works and the situations that have lead up to the present. When this is completed, we move on to the hypnosis side of your treatment.

How will I feel before, during and after hypnosis?

It is not unusual to feel a little apprehensive before being hypnotised for the first time as it is something new.  The best way to think about hypnosis is to imagine the feeling between being fully awake and falling asleep – it’s usually calm, peaceful, and a place we would often like to stay in!  That is usually the way we feel when hypnotised.

After a hypnosis session, most people feel calm and relaxed, and if this does not happen immediately, then it often happens within about half an hour.  These feelings hopefully last until the next therapy session, and if they don’t at first, they should last longer as the treatment goes on.

Are there different types of Hypnotherapy?

The hypnosis process  is really the same no matter who is practicing it – it is what it is.  This is because as humans, our brains largely work in the same way.  The difference comes from the way the therapist relaxes a client and in the approach taken to the therapy.   I offer what is known as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  Rather than spending time looking at how we got to the situation we are in, the Solution Focused approach looks at where we want to be in the future, and concentrates on making changes to achieve your goal.  It may be that someone wants to feel less anxious, or maybe wants to give up smoking.  Whatever the goal – we focus and move towards it.



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