What is Hypnosis?

Thank you for being part of my hypnotherapy journey – your being here really is important to me and I appreciate your time.   I hope to provide answers to some of the most common starting outquestions that both clients and trainee-hypnotherapists have in terms of:

  • What is hypnosis?
  • What is hypnotherapy?
  • Can hypnotherapy make use do things we would not usually do?
  • What happens in trance and can we always come out of it?

So what exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness we enter.  Whilst this may sound almost trip-like, nothing could be further from the truth as we enter different states of consciousness all the time.  As an example, think about your last journey to work or the shops.  You know you completed the journey as you got there, but you probably do not remember all that much about it.  This is because our brains go into auto-pilotand simply get on with the job, without consciously remembering everything about the journey – the brain simply eliminates the information that it has no use for.

However, if for example you were driving to work and a woolly mammoth jumped out in front of your car, your brain would instantly have taken notice, remembered all details, and restored full consciousness to the situation to keep you out of danger.  It is not that your brain was not concentrating before the mammoth appeared – it was – it is just that as everything was calm and in control, there was no need to focus on every detail, so it allows you to think about other things. Apart from anything else, remembering everything about what we do is exhausting, time consuming and ultimately impossible.  If the brain is a bucket holding information, too much information causes it to overflow – so it prevents too much information pouring into it and filling it up.