What happens if you don’t wake up from the trance?

Another question that arises (and one I asked) is what happens if you don’t wake up from the trance?  My father told a story many years ago he was told about someone who had been hypnotised and regressed to the age of four, at which point in her life she spoke a different language.  The therapist could not talk that language.  There was panic because the client could not be brought out of trance.  Whilst I have not experienced anything like this, I very strongly suspect it never happened.

It is not unusual for clients to be in such deep trances that they do not come out when first asked to do so.  The reality is that they enjoy the state of trance, and as with anything else in life, if we enjoy something, why would we give it up or stop doing it?  We therefore try to remain in the happy trance-state.  Who could blame us?


I must confess that I was a little concerned the first time I experienced a client who did not come out of trance.  I was even more concerned when after four attempts I still could not bring him back in the room (imagine a therapist twiddling his thumbs, waiting for the client to wake up, slowly starting to panic, with just a faint hint of sweat appearing on his brow – that would have been me!).

In a moment like that, there is of course something that we may naturally forget – the client is conscious and aware of what is going on and can therefore be disturbed by simply changing the general atmosphere of the room (maybe turn off the background music – this breaks the pattern that has helped create the pleasant environment of the trance), saying their name forcefully, or if all else fails, a gentle shake brings them around.   Whatever the situation, the client can always be brought out of chance quickly if need be, so it is not really anything to worry about.