What is Hypnotherapy?

So what exactly is hypnotherapy?

When I first started to become interested in hypnotherapy I felt that I had lots of questions that needed answering before I could even think about being hypnotised.  I had seen programmes where members of the public or even TV presenters were hypnotised as a form of entertainment.  Images of people believing they were monkeys or jumping up from a chair that suddenly “turned hot” were at the front of my mind.  I felt I had to overcome these concerns before placing my life in the hands of someone that may be able to take control of my mind and make me believe I was a silver backed gorilla!

Deep Sleep…

One point I was aware of during my research was the rumour that hypnosis would put me into a deep sleep.I had seen movies as a child when the hypnotist looked at someone and said words to the effect of “look into my eyes….you are feeling sleepy”….I guess that’s where my thoughts came from.  Wow – someone could really take over my mind?  Well…no.  If it was really that easy then any car salesperson would simply learn and apply the techniques of hypnosis to ensure 100% of customers bought a new vehicle.  This is simply not the case.

So as a starting point, I believe it more than reasonable for anyone thinking about hypnotherapy to ask the question “what is it and how does it work?” After all – I did!  The what is it question can beanswered by the following simple explanation:

“Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that puts the patient into a deeply relaxed state.  Whilst in this state, the attention span narrows and allows the mind to focus on suggestions that the therapist makes (that are used to meet the goals set out at the start of the therapy).”